Gynecological Care in San Antonio, TX

At Women’s Health Specialists, we are proud to offer complete gynecological care to women of all ages and walks of life. Whether you are searching for contraception, help with a specific issue, or well-woman care, Dr. Abraham Alecozay and the team here are happy to help.

In truth, gynecological and obstetrical care go hand-in-hand. However, we’ve separated these pages in order to give you a fuller understanding of what we do. Learn more about Dr. Alecozay’s many treatment options below, and be sure to call us today to schedule an appointment.

Well-Woman Care & Annual Exams

Dr. Alecozay can function as a primary care provider for women. We offer annual well-women exams and total health care for women. Whether you need assistance managing diabetes or you’re simply coming in for your annual exam, expect compassionate care from highly-trained providers.
We offer many different kinds of surgery here at Women’s Health Specialists, including robotic surgery and robotic tubal reanastomosis. Surgery can be used to treat a wide range of women’s health issues. Rest assured that Dr. Alecozay will fully inform you of the risks and benefits of each kind of surgery offered so that you can make an educated decision about what is best for you.
Contraception is an important part of our practice here at Women’s Health Specialists. We offer all kinds of contraception, including tubal ligation (permanent birth control), and will work with you to determine which type will work best for you. We can perform tubal ligation surgery either in our office or in a hospital setting.

In addition to these services, we are also happy to work with teenage patients, offering education and pregnancy prevention.
Mammograms & Breast Diseases
It is important for women of all ages to closely monitor themselves for symptoms of breast cancer and other breast diseases. Dr. Alecozay includes a breast exam as part of all regular exams, and he might recommend a mammogram to you based on your age, family history, and other factors. If a breast disease or cancer is detected, we can take the lead in providing treatment options to help you regain your health.
Menopause, PMS, and More
Many women suffer from discomfort during menstruation, pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), and menopause and perimenopause. Women’s Health Specialists offers a wide range of treatments to help women through these times. Dr. Alecozay can offer hormone therapy for menopausal patients as well as management techniques for irregular menstruation and PMS.

Remember, Women’s Health Specialists offers total healthcare for women. Even if you didn’t see your particular complaint on this page, that doesn’t mean we can’t treat it. If you have noticed troubling symptoms or simply want to make sure that you are in excellent health,  call us today to schedule an appointment. We’re here to help you.
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